The Future of Atheism Belongs to Families

Secular families need to know that, as a community and as a culture, childless atheists have our backs

Despite being a lifelong atheist, I came to the secular community as a new parent, looking for like-minded friends for my child and myself. 

It’s a common journey: once a casual atheist, you become a new parent and find yourself bombarded with a host of new and frustrating ways American Christianity forces itself into your life. 

You face christenings, godparents, religious hospital rules, navigating church-based childcare, and the absolute worst—pushy religious relatives.

Sometimes you find your way into one of the many online groups for atheist parents, or maybe you’re lucky enough to connect with a local in-person atheist or humanist gathering. 

Remarkably, I found a secular mom group called Little Heathens of Champions/Spring.

They met once a week for a playdate before the storytime at the library, with an occasional parents’ night.

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