#GodToo: God was actually the first one to say to a woman, “Yeah, but what were you wearing?”

Using the Bible as a guide for living your life is a dangerous endeavor, especially if you’re female.

In the middle of a Kansas City blizzard in 1985, Katilyn Pulcher was born into a fundamentalist Christian family. 

Brainwashed at a young age to believe a monster in the sky would punish her soul for eternity unless she complied entirely with all the rules in the Bible, she strove to be the perfect daughter. 

However, when she was in her mid-twenties, she began to question the reality of God when a relative struggling with alcoholism wasn’t helped by her family’s prayers and continued to deteriorate despite them.

Around that time, after watching the Ricky Gervais movie The Invention of Lying, the seeds of real doubt were planted, and she began her trip down the clickhole toward atheism.

Eight years later, and over thirty years since the blizzard, she fired God and wrote a book to create her own storm that Christian leaders did not see in the forecast: Status Quon't: A Woman’s Perspective on How Christianity Was Never About God.

The following is an excerpt adapted for this magazine.

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