The History of Tea and Modern Consumerism

The history of tea not only highlights the imperialist origins of the modern consumer, but also provides a context for thinking about the maze of capitalism, politics, and activism

Thinking about globalization, we get pictures of Coca-Cola and McDonald's. We can also think of Nike, Apple, Samsung, or numerous other multinational stake-organizations.

We have this right. These multinational corporations literally shape the material experience of countless consumers and workers around the world.
Of course, not all institutions and products get equal global recognition from consumers.

Consumer ignorance of their materials, especially in areas such as improving the work environment or environmental pollution, makes it difficult for various political movements to control purchasing power.

Activists are well aware that it is a challenge to inspire consumers to realize the long-term and distant effects of products they buy.

Regardless of scholars, activists, and corporate marketers alike, everyone strives to know how knowledge influences consumers' economic and political preferences.

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